February 8, 2013

Prints and sandals

The tricky thing about PNG is that it is VERY hot but females should not show a lot of skin...As you can imagine one must get very creative in order to survive the heat and still be able to wear something that looks good.
I decided to match long pants and simple white tank top plus of course my super comfortable saltwater sandals. It turned out to be a perfect outfit for a hot day :) See what you think.

Jedna z charakterystycznych rzeczy w PNG jest BARDZO wysoka temperatura oraz to, ze kobiety nie powinny pokazywac za duzo ciala...Jak mozecie sobie wyobrazic aby przetrwac te upaly i wciaz wygladac dobrze, niezbedna jest pewna doza kreatywnosci. Ja zdecydowalam sie polaczyc dlugie spodnie i prosty, bialy podkoszulek z moimi super wygodnymi sandalami firmy saltwater. Ten outfit okazal sie strzalem w dziesiatke :) Zreszta ocencie sami.

I was wearing:
pants - Dotti
top - AS Colour
sandals - Saltwater
sunglasses - Ray Ban
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